Dear flower-loving friends,

      Our desire to make life more beautiful, more carefree and our love for flowers,
        Manager, Rada Tatic        beauty and people have brought Teleflora International, the international flower
                                              delivery chain to this region. That is how Teleflora Serbia came into creation,
                                              as a synergy of art, philosophy and crafts: designed flowers are carefully
                                              selected to suit the person and the occasion, delivered at the right time
                                              and desired locations in Belgrade, our country and abroad, recognizable styles
                                              inspired by Japanese tradition, simple and sophisticated lines...

Let yourself be taken by the whispering of flowers and allow us to deliver your messages of love, happiness,
gratitude, the most subtle manner, when all the words disappear...Flowers spark what is most beautiful inside us, join what could not be joined, reconcile the irreconcilable and open all the doors...Your desire to make someone happy by a lovely surprise is our inspiration, your trust- the incentive, the joy of giving is what we share with you! With a wish to flower together, Rada Tatic, GM of Teleflora YU.


Teleflora Serbia was born in the last century, in the year of 1995, in the sign of Aquarius, as Teleflora Ltd. a company for floral design and flower delivery in the area of Belgrade, our country and all across the globe.
The central office is in Belgrade, 11 Svetogorska street.


When an organization is being established, firstly a suitable location needs to be chosen... or was it the place
that chose Teleflora...? In the house of a French consul from the early 1900-s, in today's. If there is a policy of
the house in Teleflora, then it is most certainly the policy of SENSE and RESPONSIBILITY, not of the power. Because we understand the modern times, we consider important for Teleflora's voice to be heard, even as a whisper, for it reaches far no matter what. Yours picking up a flower might make a star tremble somewhere in
the universe, but when you make a flower your present - a new star is born. and now, move your ear closer to Teleflora: "FLOWERS ARE THE STRENGHT OF A WISH COMING TRUE". That is what makes Teleflora special. Every organization has its purpose. Teleflora Serbia is dedicated to flowers, floral design and the inspiring of the flower telling art. It stands for certain values, thus influencing the criteria of its clients. It arouses pleasantness, esthetic feeling, as well as the feeling of being able to do something for someone. It believes in love and knowledge and every flowery action is a challenge for the creativity.


THE MISSION i.e. what roots Teleflora, what has been given to it by birth, is to spread joy, arouse and transmit emotions, to make this life easier and more beautiful, to make a thought of beauty flourish in its clients' hearts, to change them, to give life to their lives.

The General Manager, Office Manager, flower designers, delivery service, administration - all together, with their clients and friends, participate in a creative act for one happy and flowery mankind, which would look upon the world exactly like that. It is our VISION and a path towards a lovely and free universe. There is something romantic in this, because all who strive for truth by exercising the imagination do reach the vision. The vision precedes all creation. And creation derives from flexibility, innovation and individual or collective creativity. A constant introducing, experimenting and exploring of the new, makes creativity reach its desired aims.
The employees begin to change. New knowledge, skills and abilities spread and continually upgrade all the processes and activities within the organization. Material, spiritual and moral principles are taken into account. Only a healthy and a strong organization spiritually developed and openhearted, is a benefit the society.


Just as a living being, an organism or a work of art, Teleflora develops its harmony and unity, as well as the idea of arts, philosophy, crafts and life skills synergy of its employees and clients.
Teleflora is recognizable by its logo. The international logo depicts a white bird carrying a flower in its beak. Teleflora also has its slogans: "Let the flowers speak" and "Send a flower into the world" (it rhymes in the original, which is difficult to achieve in an English translation). Its trade mark is a recognizable floral design; a charming delivery service consisted mostly of young men, and if the occasion demands it - a girl, or a lovely child. The company cars carry the official Teleflora's logo and the slogan. That could be seen from the outside.

Inside Teleflora, in the reception area, clients are thoroughly informed and their orders taken for Belgrade, the country or abroad. A client can place an order by coming to the office, or by phone, email or fax. Our flower designers provide expert help in choosing the flowers, style, form, packaging (bowls, boxes...) and accessories (cards...) according to the person and the occasion. A client's wishes and capabilities are what matters. The orders are taken at least a day earlier, with exact information regarding the name and surname of the person to whom the flowers are to be delivered, including the address and the phone number.


The orders for the area of Belgrade are passed over to the flower designers in the workshop, who decide on the design which will match the person and the occasion. The preparations are conducted, flowers chosen, as well as greenery and all the following details. The impression made by a particular design depends on their creativity and skill. Each arrangement is supervised and analyzed, new solutions are reached, new styles explored and latest trends adopted. Only then is a flower arrangement ready to be delivered. The delivery price varies according to the parts of the city.


   Flowers Delivery to Serbia 


Flower shops - the associates of many years throughout Serbia and Montenegro, make flower deliveries ordered via Teleflora, with great effort and professionalism, to a designated date and time, following Teleflora's art of making a present special to the person and the occasion, guaranteeing quality selected flowers, professional and punctual deliveries.
The standards require lower starting prices for smaller, medium and richer options of a flower arrangement. Their enthusiasm and desire to become a part of Teleflora's network urged Teleflora to expand the cooperation and prepare a program for their becoming members of Teleflora Serbia (which includes seminars, trainings, catalogues, standards...)


Flowers Delivery to the Republics of Former Yugoslavia


A successful cooperation of many years with flower shops from the republics of former
Yugoslavia today is even more successful, for it is lead by the slogan: "Flowers know no boundaries" Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro.
Cities in Croatia: Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Solin, Kastela, Omiš, Trogir, Sinj, Makarska, Knin, Šibenik, Zadar, Dubrovnik and the isles of Hvar, Brač, Šolta, Vis i Korčula.


Sending Flowers Abroad


As the very word Teleflora suggests - it is all about sending flowers to distant places. Teleflora YU, a member of Teleflor International chain, intermediates in flower deliveries from domestic to foreign countries and vice versa, sending messages of love, respect, sympathy and joy along with the flowers... do not forget that flowers speak all the languages!

The orders for abroad could be specified according to Teleflor International catalogue or a client's personal requirements. Then they are sent to the central of the designated country by fax or email, and the central passes it through to the flower shop which will actually make the delivery.


Teleflora's Club


Teleflora serves love and its aim is to bestow new senses of love upon the reality. This discovery belongs not only to us, but to our clients and to the whole world as well. For this reason, Teleflora's club was founded.
Teleflora would never be what it is without its clients. A Teleflora's client is a person of style and taste, of desire and action, of trust and cooperation. There is a database of clients with whom we communicate directly, by phone or email. The relevant information is collected: names and surnames, addresses, phone numbers, dates of births or company anniversaries etc. The database is continually updated and enlarged. It is of priceless value to Teleflora, because it shows the clients profiles and their reflections on Teleflora and its work. Teleflora's temple of flowers gathers all true admirers of beauty, joy, friendship... Individuals, personal and office assistants, companies, people from the world of art and culture, politicians, government departments, embassies, hotels, restaurants... it is only a part of those who use Teleflora's services, because of the pleasure and ever faster style of modern life. Teleflora's club members have the opportunity to get a ten percent discount on every third order, to win a flower arrangement prize or free delivery to a special someone, by participating in flower campaigns organized by Teleflora. And there shall be some new flowery surprises yet!

Teleflora Serbia Attending the International Conference


Teleflor International held its 34th annual conference in September this year, in the Spanish city of Barcelona. The gathering attracted a record-breaking number of members, from all five continents. "It was the biggest gathering in the history of Teleflor International" - said Tom Butler, currently the president of TI world network - "The participants from all over the world gathered and the results were very fruitful. Today, Teleflor International gathers more than 55,000 flower delivering members."


Apart from dealing with the issues of internal organization, this years meeting provided an opportunity for members to pass the experience to one another, as well as marketing materials, and new means of promoting the idea of Teleflora, both locally and internationally. By keeping up with the latest technology, the unique communication system via Internet shall be made available to all the members starting April next year. It will speed up the information flow and pool all the segments of business operations, thus improving the quality to costumers' satisfaction.


On behalf of our company, Rada Tatic, the General Manager attended the meeting. According to her, the gathering was an ideal opportunity for presenting entirely new courses of action, which our reputable firm plans to take. By anticipating the necessities of modern business we are preparing a system of educating and networking all our domestic partners, in order to achieve even higher level of quality service. In the next six months Teleflora Serbia will expand its mission to the area of television, by spreading the idea of love in its flowery fashion through "All for love'' (Sve za ljubav) reality show. Teleflora also participates in the filming of " Charleston for Ognyenka" as a floral decor designer. That has inspired a new style in its flower designing, followed by the Charleston age spirit.
The host of the meting, Victor Piker, the president of Teleflora Spain, successfully organized the happening in an architecturally unusual city, the birth place of great artists such as Antonio Gaudy, Salvador Dali, Hose Carreras and Montserrat Cabaille. And Barcelona football club of course!


Just to remind: Athens 1992, Amsterdam 1993, Paris 1995, Auckland 1996,Zurich 1997,
Tokyo 1998, Tenerife 1999, Warsaw 2000, Manila 2001, Dublin 2002, Rome 2003, Bergen Malta 2005
those were the conferences we attended so far.