~ Births ~
Best wishes
Cheerful basket full of good wishes for all happy moments in life. (Dim. 40x40)
~ Arrangements in vase ~
Breath of joy
Just look at this flower arrangement in a Italian vase Is enough to make incredible feeling of happiness. (Dim.15x22)
~ Women's day - 8.March ~
April in Belgrade
Charming cultivated and wild bouquet inspired by new trends (30x15)
~ Births ~
Fragrance symphony
“Romantic” means celebrating love every day. Celebrate love with this bouquet full of flower energy, sensual and gentle, and brighten someone’s day, with a reason or no reason at all!
~ Anniversaries ~
A fairy tale in pink
Romantic, tender and bubbly ... This bouquet is appropriate for weddings, anniversaries or for your loved ones ... Paint life in pink !
~ Gifts ~
Flower attention
Elegant gift, perfect for any occasion with a bottle Cabernet Sauvignon (Winery Radovanović) and a box of Eugen Belgian chocolates (H40 W 35)
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